About us

Welcome to THORN & FEATHER – Oshoek, Vermaaklikheid.

Thorn & Feather was built between 2013 and 2015 on a ridge of thick indigenous vegetation. The aim was to disturb as little as possible, remove the rooikrans and plant trees endemic to the area (with the exception of few bougainvilleas and non-invasive favourites).

The white rock comes from the site and reed (ceilings) from the river area. Old, recycled teak doors were used for tables and counters. The building was carried out by a small team of men and women from Vermaaklikheid. The owner is not an architect or builder, you will find imperfections all over, but all is strong and dry!

The area of Oshoek is home to the Borain and Niewenhuys families. Peter Borain and Josie, Nick and Simon have helped make Oshoek a magical place. Theron Niewenhuys is a commercial fisherman who takes a boat out of the Duiwenhoks and delivers his catch to Stilbaai several times per week.

You are closer to the ocean than you think. Take a boat or kayak on a calm day, preferably with the outgoing tide (and incoming on the return) and you will discover another special part of this land (and sea). Make many fires (safely), take piping hot baths and get the rest you deserve!

Please send feedback, suggestions and complaints to bookings@thornandfeather.com because we know there is more to be done!