Important Info

POWER – Off Grid System

Plug Points
YES -> cell phone chargers, battery chargers, portable PCs, tablets etc.
YES -> LED lights, lamps
YES -> digital / small sound systems with built-in amplifiers
NO -> Hairdryers
NO -> electrical appliances that contain their own heating elements e.g. kettles.
NO -> appliances drawing in excess of 1000 watts (incl. energy spike phases).
NO -> sound systems containing separate amplifiers and powerful speakers
NO -> power tools

The Washing machine is operated by Staff – washing can be arranged on request.


  • Two gas plates for cooking and boiling water in kitchen.
  • a small gas oven – Our staff will provide easy instructions.


  • Rooikrans wood is located in the wood store nearest to the braai area
  • Use the Large, round braai on the deck for good weather
  • Undercover braai – please take care to keep coals from falling on floor.
  • Indoor, closed door fireplace to warm main building on cold days
  • Indoor Hearth / Kaggil for cooking instead of gas option
  • Locate the Fire-extinguishers and water hose (front of deck) in emergency.
  • Please use general common sense and safety precautions associated with outside and indoor fires.


  • 2 x Fridges in kitchen area
  • Bar Fridge in Stoep area – drinks and ice


DRINKING WATER: A rain water collection and filter system is in operation. The system is regular serviced. There is a specific tap in the kitchen for drinking water.   For persons averse to drinking rain water you should bring bottled water or purchase in Stilbay, Heidelberg or Riversdale.

Washing and cleaning water: The main water supply is sourced from a nearby spring on the farm belonging to the Borain Family. The water passes through underground limestone giving it clear or occasionally creamy appearance. Each springs is known locally as an OOG (translated – EYE). Happy showering and bathing!

Hot Water for the Bath House (bath, shower and basins)
Your hot water is delivered by a boiler system (two x 100 L “donkeys” insulated in a stone structure, located behind the washroom. The water stays hot overnight and into the next morning. For optimum performance, shower / bath directly the water has been heated. The coals then heat the incoming water for the next day’s needs. Our staff discreetly visit the property to make boiler fire early afternoon. We ask that our guests do not operate the boiler themselves. Thank you.

Washroom 2 (Outdoor Showers and basin) located cottage 2

Warm to hot water on summer days from the black pipe coil located on the roof of the building. The water is cold in the mornings and on winter days.

The Plunge pools

Fill the pools from the cold taps. Do not let the water out each day – use it for a few days or longer. The pool will be drained on your departure. The water is sourced from a limestone spring.


Bring a boat with a small engine to:

  • Navigate the river without physical exertion
  • Go fishing
  • Venture to the beach at the river mouth

SUV / Robust Vehicle

  • The road can be driven by urban / city vehicles but the dirt roads are best ridden in a SUV of some kind. You don’t need a 4 x 4.