Watersport Gear

The best way to explore the Duiwenhoks river is on a kayak, stand up paddle board or boat. Travel down with the tide and picnic on a wild, unspoilt beach (San Sebastian Bay). Travel upriver for quiet waters and majestic scenery.  Our guests are encouraged to bring their own boat(s) and / or watersport gear. For those that cant do this, we provide access to a “Kayak House” that includes:

  • 1 x double kayak
  • 2 s single kayaks
  • 2 x SUP (stand up paddle boards)
  • 1 x 3 person canoe
  • 1 x double canoe
  • oars, paddles and children’s life-vests, anchors and foam cushions

Terms and  Conditions

  • Our guest accepts liability for any damages or losses caused to the equipment during the rental period. Notification of damage or losses will be communicated within 3 days after departure.  The replacement value will be determined in an honest, transparent and professional manner involving multiple, local service providers.
  • Thorn & Feather Guest Farm does not accept any liability for injuries and accidents from the guests use of the equipment. Children to be supervised at all times.