Why You Shouldn’t Come

If you are looking for a short getaway out of Cape Town (similar departure points) please consider the fact that the drive is 3 1/2 hours excluding stops and traffic. It’s just going to feel like too much of a mission. Wait for a gap and try to take 3 days and longer. Pls. request a discount for long stays!

If you feel uncomfortable staying in a fairly remote area. This is not a place where you can smell what your neighbours’ are cooking for dinner! You may encounter a passing car at the entrance; you are likely to see folks on the river in the festive season. You are within 5-10 minute walking distance from three residences if you need some assistance.  The area (Oshoek Valley) is very safe.

If you have expectations of a rural town e.g. MacGregor or Greyton, Vermaaklikheid will fall very short. The hamlet is a collection of quaint country cottages, devoid of a town centre, restaurants and shops. A trip to Stilbaai or Riversdale or Heidelberg is required to get groceries and a restaurant experience.

If you can’t handle the site of a spider, insect or bat. The property is thoroughly maintained but “house spiders” and other insects do find their way in from time to time. Outside, bats are active in the evenings (they eat fruit and insects).

You have intentions of racing a boat up & down the river; water skiing and wake-boarding – the river authority enforces a restrictive speed-limit. You can ride a motor powered vessel at planing speed. Please do bring your favourite watercraft so you can fully explore this river.