Facilities & Services

Boiler System (your hot water)

Once daily, a member of staff will make the boiler respecting guest privacy during the process. Guests may not operate the boiler under any circumstances.

Coffee Makers

The kitchen has an array of stove top coffee makers (Baletti) and plungers. Electrical coffee makers cannot be used (renewable energy system limitations).  

Cooking facilities

A fully stocked kitchen is provided. There are braai facilities on the open deck and in the porch area; a small gas oven, gas stove and a cooking hearth located in the kitchen. The cooking hearth is a great facility ….so go traditional!

Fridges and Freezers

There is a 300L+ fridge freezer and a bar fridge in the porch / stoep area.

Power System (off grid)

The property is powered by a solar system located at the store. It can power low energy appliances, phones, portable computers, tablets, small, and portable sound systems. Guest wishing to power their own portable fridges should please inform the staff as these items may require a specific plug point (circuit breaker). Unfortunately, hair dryers, electric kettles, electric heaters …or anything with a heating element; cannot be utilised. A washing machine is powered by a larger system at the store – see “optional daily cleaning service”. 


The kitchen is supplied by filtered rainwater. There is also a dedicated tap (green marker) at the sink involving an extra degree of filtration. Guests wishing to drink bottled water can purchase top ups in Stilbaai, Riversdal and Heidelberg.

Water for washing and general purpose is supplied from a nearby spring. It is not advisable to drink this water.

River Activities and Jetty

The river is safe for swimming. The jetty (floating dock) is surrounded by shallow mud. Pls. refrain from diving head-first. Thorn & Feather does not accept liability for injury or accidents.

The lower Duivenhoks is managed by a conservancy. Speeding, water skiing, towing of watercraft for sport; jet skies are not permitted. The trolling of rapalas is illegal.

Guests are welcome to fish of off the floating dock. The areas on either side of the river path are private property (neighbouring farms). Guests may not enter this area.

Guests with boats may use two public slipways in the area. For details, please contact your host. Guests are asked please not to approach the neighbouring properties for access to their slipways.  

Pet Policy

Pets may not enter the property without consent of the Host. Guests wishing to bring their dog (s) should communicate their intentions at the time of booking or on receipt of this document. The property cannot receive more than two dogs per group. There is a moderate additional charge – this fee goes towards additional cleaning.

Dogs that have an aggressive nature / have the potential to be hostile towards our staff; have tendencies to roam; dogs that may harass livestock in the area … cannot be accommodated.

Guests bringing a dog (s) are requested to bring their bedding / baskets and ensure they do not use the furniture and the beds at any time during their stay. There is a poop scoop provided in the garden. Guests are asked to please remove turds to help reduce flies and to keep the wild garden as they found it.

Thanks …we love dogs by the way …. It’s just more complicated than that!