Why You Should Come!

“Vermaaklikheid” direct translation is “Entertainment” or To Entertain”! One of the reasons why this area is so special is because it is governed by the rules & regulations of an agricultural zone. Residential development is not possible at this time. The Duiwenhoks river estuary has achieved a high level of protection as a result of these restrictions. There are no lodges or hotels, just a few houses every km along it’s banks.

Equidistant between Cape Town and the Garden Route. This is the ideal spot to break up your journey.

After a long day of exploring the river on a boat or kayak, ease into a sloping deck chair with  a beverage of your choice, fire burning and a panoramic view over treetops to the river and the steep slopes on the other side. The only cooking aromas are from your braai! Feeding yourselves, making fires; quality catch up time with friends and family under a blanket of stars. This is the business of Thorn & Feather.

The bathhouse comprises of three stone walls and a transparent net giving a view into the bush and river. Piping hot water from two boilers are managed without your efforts. Lie in the bath and gaze into nature or take a quick shower after playing in the river all day.

Recreational fishing is accessible from the property. Take a slow drift to the river mouth where you picnic on a  wild, totally unspoiled beach. Drift or paddle home with the incoming tide. The Duiwenhoks river is for many guests, the highlight.

Fresh bread from the Vermaaklikheid Bakery.

Take a scenic drive on the blombos road (“blombos” translated as flower bush). Visit ancient fishing traps near Jongensfontein and the Blombos Cave, now part of the cradle of human culture route. The site possesses one of the earliest evidence of the early hominids; and is considered one of the most valuable archaeological and paleontological sites in the world .

Get a tour of the Inverroche Gin distillery in stilbaai. For surfers in this area there are some top class breaks with uncrowded lineups most days of the year. Towel up and drive 30 minutes back to the farm (with no traffic lights).

Peace & Quiet, Safety & Security in nature. Rustic with all the creature comforts.  There is a lot to do in the area, and for most, it is a place to do nothing 🙂

Last but definitely not least, we have a fantastic property manager, Nella Coller. She and her assistant will see that you lack nothing while respecting your privacy.